Krim Rosü – A Man from Earth

Krim in crimea?

Recently, the website of the Society has received a large spike in visitors; new seekers on the path to Krim-knowledge. I have received many electronic mails and even telephone calls inquiring on a Krim Rosü, as he has been described in a quite recent work of popular fiction. As a person of letters, my area of expertise is in dusty tomes and scrolls, rather than moving pictures, but it is with great pleasure I present to you this short note we have obtained through correspondence with Emerson Bixby, producer of the movie The Man from Earth and son to the writer behind the story and screenplay, Jerome Bixby.

Dear Drevo Igre,

I was not aware of your institution or its research; but I certainly do know a thing or two about my father and his fascination with this “Krim Rosü” – an interest you seem to share! I will attempt to shed some light on the relationship between Krim, Jerome and The Man from Earth.

My father was always fascinated with folklore, myths and legends. Perhaps especially so with the rather gloomy and grim tales from the Baltic countries and eastern parts of Europe in general. The Transylvanian legend of the “eternal man”, a being seemingly ignored by the progression of time, was among his dearest. Certainly, he was not the first writer to obsess and specualte on this – I do believe he picked up the trail through the writings of one Bram Stoker!

I know for a fact that Jerome has some notes from his travel to the regions where the legend was born, and I will make it my promise to you, that if I find them I will send you a copy.

As for your request to print this letter, that is fine by me.

Best Regards,
Emerson Bixby

Note: If you, dear reader, have any questions for the Society or to Mr. Bixby (regarding The Man From Earth and Krim Rosü), please leave us a comment and we will attempt to answer it.

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7 thoughts on “Krim Rosü – A Man from Earth

  1. You seems to be an expert in this field, Great articles and keep up the good work, my lecturer in HIFO101 (History and folklore) recommended me this site.


  2. I have traveled the ever expanding recesses of the internet since its inception and never have I felt more lost than I am now. Damned I have been since the search for Krim Rosü has extinguished my lantern that has always guided me and thrown me here at the Targu Mures Historical Society. Where or what that is remains foreign to me. Help…


    • Yeah, I would love to know something about this legend or Krim Rosu …is this page only a “group” of people connected trough their common goal of Krim Rosu knowledge , therefore there is no need for some introductory information ??


  3. Can someone tell me where I can find solid information on Krim Rosü or atleast his legend or some form of a story about him


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